LMDS Wireless: The Broadband Solution
What Is LMDS? [Part I]

LMDS is a wireless technology able to transmit a large amount of data and information at a very high rate of speed using microwave radios. One microwave radio is installed onto a building at the client site and another microwave radio installed at the LMDS base station. It can be constructed in a point to point or point to multipoint fashion.

This means that the base station can use a special type of radio which allows it to have a 90 degree field of view as opposed to having a specific radio installed on the base station for each radio installed at the client site. The base station's location is situated to provided access to all major telephony services. This allows the client to have access to the same services offered by their current local telephone company. By providing customers with equal services that a LEC can offer, LMDS is an opportunity for CLEC's to become established in the communications industry and also to become a viable competitor against the LEC.

What does this mean to you? This means that you are able to have an alternative communications source and are no longer forced to rely upon the local telephone company in your area. This will drive competition and in theory eventually lower your rates and increase overall service offered by the competitors.

Above is a picture of downtown San Jose California. It is a hypothetical scene to illustrate how LMDS can be constructed. In addition, there will be a series of pages to help guide you through the learning process.