LMDS Wireless: The Broadband Solution
About Us

LMDS Wireless is the leading resource for information concerning the LMDS industry. LMDS provides wireless end-to-end microwave radio services which enables people to have access to resources throughout the world. Using Voice over IP, Local and long distance telephony services, High speed Internet access, Data transmissions, Video conferencing, Television, and Radio enables LMDS operators to be unique communications provider offering a broad array of different services.

The telecommunications industry will continue to grow and expand while having an influence over the lives of American's. These changes will strengthen the use of LMDS operator's positions within the market place. It will lower the costs for services and provide improved equipment solutions to increase productivity.

LMDS Wireless was founded in 1999 as a resouce for CLEC's to compete against LEC's. The website is owned and operated by Jim Rossi. LMDS Wireless is based in San Jose California strategically positioned within the market place to be on the cutting edge of technology and is focused on delivering solutions for the current demand for faster more reliable Internet services.

This web site was created to become the main source for information related to LMDS in the US and to make the information available to everyone who would like to learn more.

Feel free to send any comments to jimrossi@jimrossi.com.