LMDS Wireless: The Broadband Solution
Glossary of Terms

Bandwidth is the measure of range of frequencies that a communications signal occupies. It is directly proportional to the amount of data transmitted or received per a specific rate of time.

Backbone is a larger transmission line that connects smaller lines together carrying data and information.

Broadband is telecommunication that provides multiple channels of data over a single medium or source.

CLEC The Competitive Local Exchange Carrier is a company that competes with the already established local telephone business by providing it's own network and switching.

FCC The Federal Communications Commission is a government agency which regulates communications.

Fiber optic is the technology associated with the transmission of information as light impulses along a glass or plastic wire or fiber.

Fiber ring is a circular pattern of fiber optic cables typically localized to transmit data and information at very high speeds over a short distance within a specific region.

Ghz Gigahertz is a unit of alternating current or electromagnetic wave frequency equal to one thousand million hertz.

Hertz is the unit of frequency such as a AC current changing state or cycle once per second.

LEC The Local Exchange Carrier is a term used to describe the public telephone company in the US providing local telephony services.

LMDS Local Multipoint Distribution Service uses microwave signals to transmit and receive data.

Mbps Millions of bits per second is a unit of measurement for the transmission of data to determine the amount of bandwidth.

Mhz Megahertz is a unit of alternating current or electromagnetic wave frequency equal to one million cycles per second.

Microwave is electromagnetic energy having a frequency higher than one Ghz corresponding to wavelengths shorter than 30 centimeters.

Spectrum is the amount or capacity of electromagnetic wavelengths that can be used at a given time.

Telephony is the service associated with the transmission of data and information over distances between parties using systems historically associated with the telephone company.

Wireless is communications in which electromagnetic waves carry a signal through atmospheric space rather than along a wire.